Light sheet microscope for fast-turnaround tumor biopsy


This page presents a case study on rapid throughput in microscopy.


acs_light_sheet_microscope0001.png acs_light_sheet_microscope0002.png


  • Increase output rate on the computer connected to the microscope camera
  • Increase the bandwidth in the telco closet to the vertical pipe to the basement
  • Increase the bandwidth on the basement switch to the campus backbone
  • Test the link
  • Test the link from Health Sciences (relocate the microscope)
  • Supposing the microscope-to-AWS-S3 link is working: Get the processing running quickly


  • With Ian Cote
    • Networking notes for AWS
    • Notice in the AWS Console EC2 Launch Instance choice table includes a Network Performance column
      • Using a lightweight machine (t2micro) we get MB per second as expected
      • Using a c4.8xlarge with ‘10GBit’ connection: (1.91, 0.65, 1.14 Gbps, quite ow
        • Via the NON-IPS path over 2 x 10G campus inet pipe: (1.47, 2.53, 2.44 Gbps)
    • To S3…