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This page describes the use of the AWS lightweight Lambda service. It includes a case study from a circa-2016 student capstone project involving the management of a fleet of vehicles.


Lambda is…

Capstone case study

The case study involves GPS-capable devices that are first configured in the office and then deployed in a fleet of vehicles. They are able to log data via the cellular phone network to a location maintained by Sprint (the company) where they can be retrieved using a REST API. This in turn can be called programmatically for example using the Python urllib2 Library.

Lambda supports Python code; so the objective here was to automate the REST API calls in a Lambda function; and to place the recovered data into an RDS database on AWS.

capstone concept

Student participants are some subset of these names: Anya, Anagha, Yuzhou (Sissi), Mingxin.

AWS Solutions Architect solutions to problems are given in quote blocks.

Technology: Interoperable NAT Gateway, Lambda, RDS, VPC.

NAT Gateway: See this link.

Problem: The solution requires a database (RDS) and this should be isolated from the internet via a VPC. The Lambda function associated with it must be proximal (inside the VPC) but the students could not then access that Lambda function. See Lambda role lambda_basic_vpc_execution.

The NAT Gateway allows access to the internet without exposing the systems in the VPC directly. Systems in your VPC subnets do not need an internet-routable IP address. Traffic outbound (to the internet) goes from the subnet to the NAT Gateway and thence out.

Lambda inside a VPC requires this because Lambda does not provide a public IP address to a function when it is running. In contrast Lambda running outside of a VPC does provide a function with a public IP address for its duration.

New problem: Since Lambda connects to the RDS requiring credentials: Is there anything in Lambda that can hide those credentials? The students would prefer not to embed their password in Python code.

Store the password file in S3. Using IAM configure permissions so that only Lambda has access to the S3 bucket and hence the passowrd. This is simple and secure.

New problem: Applications like Tableau want access to data held in the RDS, i.e. within the VPC. How to access?

Create a VPN connection from the User’s network to the VPC hosting the RDS database. RDS remains isolated from the internet. It is also feasible to install Tableau on an EC2 within the VPC and restrict access to that EC2 using Security Groups. A final option (for running Tableau locally against the RDS) would be to put the RDS on a public subnet and use Security Group rules to restrict access based on the source ip address. (CIDR block specification.)