Dynamic Information Framework


This page describes the translation of scientific skill to public value, specifically in water resource management and related impacts on human communities. We are building a Dynamic Information Framework (DIF) that is implemented on a region-by-region basis to provide both data and machinery in a transparent manner that contributes to the process of resource management and planning.


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This figure shows a simplified version of the DIF vision with one modeling component, the VIC hydrological model. The overall program for DIF can be summarized on a per-geographical-region basis:

  • Begin with A hydrological model that incorporates observed data; train it to produce accurate results.
  • Run the model into the future based on climate-change based extrapolation.
  • Provide the source data through an open web interface
  • Provide the results / output data through an open web interface
  • Provide the software via an open repository like GitHub
  • Provide documentation
  • Repeat