Globus and grid computing


This page describes a research data management technology called Globus originating from the Globus Alliance out of UChicago and Argonne National Laboratory. The Globus Alliance began in 1997 under the mission framework of grid computing: Affiliating compute resources to facilitate cost-effective data management. The Globus watchwords are Transfer, Share and Publish. Quoting wikipedia on grid computing, ‘A grid is a persistent environment that enables software applications to integrate instruments, displays, computational, and information resources that are managed by diverse organizations in widespread locations.

An ad hoc criticism of grid computing would point out that a loosely coupled system exchanges organization for resources. That is: It is possible to take advantage of built cyberinfrastructure–unused resources–at a savings in cost; but software is complicated and the management framework should solve inter-system compatibility issues… or require extensive effort from the developers. This sets aside questions of data security; another obvious concern.