An overview of the AWS public cloud


This document is an overview of the AWS public cloud platform; both with respect to research at the University of Washington and with respect to Internet2 and DLT.


Setting up a research credit account

Setting up a paid AWS account

Assuming you are at the University of Washington or are an affiliate:

  • Set up a Blanket Purchase Order through your local financial office
  • Send email to help at uw dot edu with subject AWS Account requesting help setting up the account

Interesting technologies at AWS

Business Associates Agreement summary

  • Regardless of whether you work through the BAA: You do not pay indirect costs on AWS account charges.

Through the BAA:

  • You have a 15% data egress waiver
  • You have access to more than twelve HIPAA-aligned (data security) technologies on AWS
  • You will have a small (typically 3-6%) discount on your AWS costs