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Computational fluid dynamics on AWS Page Computational fluid dynamics on the AWS cloud
Parallel Epigenomics Data Imputation with Cloud-based Tensor Decomposition Page Parallel Epigenomics Data Imputation with Cloud-based Tensor Decomposition (PREDICTD)
Geoserver & LIDAR on AWS Page Geospatial tools on AWS: A GeoServer case study
Light sheet microscope Page Light sheet microscope for fast-turnaround tumor biopsy
Research Computing Neurohackweek Page Neurohackweek at the eScience Institute using AWS
NicaDIF on AWS Page Nicaragua DIF implementation on AWS
Rosetta computing at scale Page Rosetta peptide design studies on the AWS cloud
AWS Cluster Page Clusters on AWS
AWS EC2 Page EC2 instances on AWS
Geoserver on AWS Page Geoserver: a case study for geospatial research tools
AWS HIPAA Page Building a secure compute environment; with examples
Jupyter on AWS Page Jupyter Notebook on AWS
Relational Database Service on AWS Page The RDS (Relational Database Service) on AWS
AWS Spark Page Implementing Apache Spark on AWS
Azure account management Page Azure account management
Azure database Page Azure database
Azure Resources and Requests Page Microsoft Resources and Request for Help Form.
Azure Training Page Azure training resources to you can learn at your own pace.
Organic chemistry case study on Azure Page Geo Data System
Compute Power Page Compute power in the cloud
Cloud Computing Cost Management Page Cost of moving research computing to the cloud
Data Security on the Cloud Page Keeping your data secure on the cloud
Docker containers on the public cloud Page Using Docker containers on the public cloud
Cloud Computing Glossary Page A glossary of terminology
Internet of Things Page Internet of things in relation to the public cloud
Network Page Cloud computing network connection
Cloud technical notes Page Cloud computing technical notes
Introduction to the Cloud Page What the cloud is...
Ocean Observing Initiative Page Ocean Observing Initiative
Dynamic Information Framework Page Dynamic Information Framework
High Mountain Asia Page High Mountain Asia
Cloud Case Study Precis Page Cloud Case Study Precis
Course Notebooks Page Notebooks for students in coursework
Yun Zhou Guan Page (Yun Zhou Guan) Cloud Walk Library
Google App Engine Page Google App Engine
Google BigQuery Page Google BigQuery
Google Compute Engine Page Google Compute Engine
Google Overview Page Google Overview
Preemptible Instances - Google Compute Engine Page Preemptible Instances - Google Compute Engine
Google Walkthrough Page Google Walkthrough
Consulting on proposal preparation Page Proposal consulting
Costing cloud in proposals Page Costing the cloud in proposals
Foster 101 Cloud Overview Course Page Cloud computing basics with some hands-on for Foster School Of Business
Cloud 101 Three-Day, Three Clouds Page Cloud computing basics hands-on training by UW Research Computing and the UW eScience Institute
Cloud 101 Hands-on Immersion Day Page Cloud computing basics hands-on training by UW Research Computing and the UW eScience Institute
Data science Page Data science
GitHub for Research Computing Page Github for research computing
Globus Page Globus and grid computing
JupyterHub for Research Computing Page Installing and Using JupyterHub for research computing
Lightweight Data Systems Page Lightweight data systems
Research on the web Page Research on the web
Student Research Page Student-led research computing on the public cloud
Visualization using Python Page Visualization using Python
Visualization on Virtual Globes Page Visualization on Virtual Globes
Yun Zhou Guan (Cloud Walk Library) Page Yun Zhou Guan (cloud walk library)