Azure training resources to you can learn at your own pace.


Develop Azure skills you need for your job and career. Explore free learning resources to learn in ways that work best for you, with hands-on learning to build expertise in Azure.


  1. Azure Essentials is the quickest way to get started and learn new skills with Azure. Includes short videos and demos, topic specific videos and blogs.
  2. Azure Learning Paths build practical Azure job skills you can start using right away. Role based learning paths with self-paced courses, assessments and hands-on labs. Challenges are provided to accelerate your skills acquisition.

Go Deeper

  1. Massive Online Open Courses - Self-paced online courses provide In-depth learning across a broad range of Azure technology and skills
  2. Microsoft Official Curriculum - Instructor led and on-demand learning that drills deeper into specific topics and offers practice and assessments

Further your Career

  1. Microsoft Certifications - widely recognized credential and certification that helps you demonstrate your knowledge and capability to build credibility in your profession.

Azure for Researchers

We have place several walk throughs in GitHub. They are stored here.