Azure Overview


This page reviews the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform with some specifics on the Azure relationship to the University of Washington.

What is Azure?

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services. It resides on a global network of datacenters as physical hardware and installed software; where resources are available at specified ‘per unit time’ and often ‘per resource size’ cost rates. The University of Washington use model for research uses a single mega-account that is broken into subscriptions. As a participant you would set up a purchase order, receive subscription details, and begin using the Azure cloud typically through a browser interface. At the end of each month you are billed so it is one of the costs of working in the cloud that you learn how to manage and track your spending over time. Our objective here – and on other introductory pages on cloud computing – is to help you evaluate the costs and benefits of learning the cloud.

Learning about Azure from Azure

For a complete view of Microsoft Azure please begin here. Additional details and links of interest include:

Business Associates Agreement Summary

Microsoft includes a HIPAA BAA in their Online Service Terms.
This is by default for all commercial customers. The current HIPAA BBA is located here.