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Community Snow Observations on AWS Page Community Snow Observations on AWS: A Web Application case study
Parallel Epigenomics Data Imputation with Cloud-based Tensor Decomposition Page Parallel Epigenomics Data Imputation with Cloud-based Tensor Decomposition (PREDICTD)
Geoserver & LIDAR on AWS Page Geospatial tools on AWS: A GeoServer case study
Light sheet microscope Page Light sheet microscope for fast-turnaround tumor biopsy
Research Computing Neurohackweek Page Neurohackweek at the eScience Institute using AWS
NicaDIF on AWS Page Nicaragua DIF implementation on AWS
Rosetta computing at scale Page Rosetta peptide design studies on the AWS cloud
AWS Account Management Page AWS account management
CloudKnot on AWS Page CloudKnot places Hyper-Lambda functionality into a Python working environment
AWS Cluster Page Clusters on AWS
AWS Console Page AWS Console
AWS Email Notification System Page AWS Email Notification System
AWS Cost Tracking Page AWS Autotagging and Cost Tracking
AWS Database Page Database instances on AWS
AWS EC2 Page EC2 instances on AWS
Geoserver on AWS Page Geoserver: a case study for geospatial research tools
AWS HIPAA Page Building a secure compute environment; with examples
IoT on AWS Page IoT on AWS
Jupyter on AWS Page Jupyter Notebook on AWS
AWS Lambda Page AWS Console
AWS Overview Page An overview of the AWS public cloud
Relational Database Service on AWS Page The RDS (Relational Database Service) on AWS
AWS Spark Page Implementing Apache Spark on AWS
AWS Spot Market Page Working with Spot Market on AWS
Storage on AWS Page Storage on AWS
AWS cloud walkthrough Page A walk-through introduction to the AWS public cloud