Cloud computing basics hands-on training by UW Research Computing and the UW eScience Institute

Date: Tuesday, 13 Feb. 2018

Location: Physics Astronomy Building (PAB) 5th Floor Lecture Room (one floor below the Data Science Studio), University of Washington

Time: 9am to 12pm


This hands-on course will introduce participants to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Compute power, storage, network connectivity, and data management tools. It will also introduce some of the powerful features of GCP that can facilitate data science and will back these up with cloud adoption success stories.

The course will include an overview of cloud computing terminology, how cloud computing environments are made secure, cost estimation and tracking, and how massive available resources on the cloud reduce processing time. To make the course as hands-on as possible we will have participants start their own accounts to try things out using an initial modest credit grant.

Our two main requests from attendees are ‘Explain how I get compute instances up and running’ and ‘explain how I get to doing machine learning on the cloud.’ The UW Research Computing group is working with the Google course presenters to address these topics specifically. Our goal is for participants to be able to leave the class with plenty of momentum to carry further; and both ourselves and Google employees are available through office hours at the Data Science Studio to help with follow on questions.

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  • Basic knowledge of Python and Linux
  • Preinstalled version of bash terminal