Cloud 101: Introduction: Reference

Key Points

Welcome and Setup
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are fantastic initial public cloud resources.

  • {“All three regularly visit UW”=>”Purpose and outcome”}

Cloud adoption framework
  • There is a framework for the cloud that includes { yourself, colleagues, vendors, stacks, and third parties (open/closed) }

  • The stack is five components { compute, store, manage, web, service }

  • ‘Service’ is just providing the other four components free of underlying concerns like VMs (‘Dinner with no plates and no table’)

Public Cloud Consoles
  • AWS is low-cost, feature rich, in widest use

  • Google is also low-cost, has unique but narrower feature set

  • Azure features fast connectivity and lots of integration with the Microsoft technology stack

  • All public clouds have OS emphasis: Linux first and Windows also

FIXME: more reference material.