Cloud 101: Introduction

Public Cloud Consoles


Teaching: 0 min
Exercises: 20 min
  • What are the three primary ways of talking to the cloud?

  • What are the main activities supported by cloud consoles?

  • How do I choose a cloud provider?

  • Learn about the the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud

  • Learn a process for determining which cloud to try out

  • Learn cloud migration considerations: Cost, lock-in, bare metal, …

Choosing which cloud

Review “It’s on you” to get safe (and we know your time is limited)

Review the five pillars

  1. In your field of research: Who uses which cloud?
  2. What sort of compute power do you need?
    • single machine, cluster, GPU, FPGA, infiniband (HTC, HPC)
  3. Let’s compare resource costs
    • Spot, reserved, dedicated, Google, Azure
    • Exercise on this later
  4. Triage your work in
  5. Let’s cover credit programs
  6. Let’s cover billing and tracking (when on credit especially)
  7. Development tools
  8. Services

Key Points