Student-led research computing on the public cloud


The purpose of this page is to describe student research on the public cloud as implemented at the University of Washington. The project was initiated from the High Performance Computing Club with initial support from the Student Technology Fee Committee and with a generous research credit grant from Amazon Web Services.

Account management guidelines

  • Tag all of your resources with these tags:
    • (key, value) = (Project, your UW NetID)
      • Do not include the email extension ‘’.
      • Do not include anything else in the Value part of the tag.
    • (key, value) = (End_date, your expected finished-by date)
    • (key, value) = (Name, netid_short_description)
      • Suppose my email address is I might give my EC2 instance the name kilroy_heavycompute_A.
  • Once per month (or more!) email the student administrator a two sentence summary of your status. More frequent is fine.
    • Include your projected cost estimate so we can see how good we are at that!
  • Contact the student administrator and/or the cloud computing staff with any questions.
  • Stop your instances and other services when you are not using them.
  • Write up a synopsis of your research, results and blockers as you go.
    • This is your primary deliverable for participating and we will use these to further promote the program.
  • Have fun, do incredible work.

Tracking spending

IAM Users are given admin access as well as IAM access via Role/Policy actions on the console. There are two more steps needed.

First enable access to billing data.

Second: Create and assign a Policy to IAM admin Users granting them billing access. Here is the link for how to do this; it is a little involved.

kilroy here is the segment on how to use the cost tool